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CCC Cohort
CSAC - Fall 2019 Cohort
CCC Cohort
CCC - Fall 2020 Cohort

Cohort Overview 

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) prepares students for leadership in public service.  

Our mission is to offer a high quality education in public administration founded on public service values; especially diversity, inclusiveness and democratic governance. California State University, San Bernardino is nationally accredited by NASPAA, the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration.

The Department of Public Administration at California State University San Bernardino runs Master of Public Administration (MPA) Cohorts for California County employees.  These MPA cohorts are practical, leadership-oriented programs that ensures that participants have all the foundational skills that managers and executives need in order to be well-rounded and successful in today’s county government systems. The MPA at CSUSB is nationally accredited, and the faculty are nationally prominent instructor-scholars. The program is designed to maximize flexibility with asynchronous online learning supplemented by real-time videoconferencing. 

Currently there are two County Employee Cohorts running:

Beginning Fall 2019 - this cohort is scheduled to finish in Fall 2021

Beginning Fall 2020 - this cohort is scheduled to finish Fall 2022

If you are interested in being part of an upcoming cohort please contact Dr. Jonathan Anderson


CSAC - Fall 2019 Cohort - Under the Quarter Catalog

Remaining Schedule

Fall 2020:
     PA 6150 Public Financial Management
     PA 6720 Administrative Regulation

Spring 2021:
     PA 6500 Government in the Digital Age
     PA 6800 Public Policy Analysis

Summer 2021:
     PA 5640 Local Public Administration

Fall 2021:
     PA 6980 Comprehensive Exam

Graduation December 2021





CCC - Fall 2020 Cohort - Semester Catalog


Fall 2020:
     PA 6110 Public Administration Theory and Practice
     PA 5010 Administrative Leadership
     PA 6985 Professional Development Seminar

Spring 2021:
     PA 6030 Research Methods in Administration
     PA 6630 Public Budgeting and Finance
     PA 6985 Professional Development Seminar

Summer 2021:
     PA 5640 Local Public Administration
     PA 6720 Administrative Regulation (for Leadership concentration)
     PA 6150 Public and Nonprofit Financial Management (for Public Finance concentration)

Fall 2021:
     PA 6620 Public Sector Human Resource Management
     PA 6800 Policy Analysis

Spring 2022:
     PA 6640 Managing Public Organizations
     PA 6300 Program Evaluation

Summer 2022:
     PA 6550 Strategic Planning for Government and Nonprofit Organizations
     PA 6610 Principles of Public and Nonprofit Procurement (Public Finance concentration)
     PA 6500 Government in the Digital Age (for Leadership concentration)

Fall 2022:
    PA 6980 Comprehensive Exam     

Graduation December 2022

Meet the CSUSB Team

MPA Faculty and Staff

Top Row: Dr. Alexandru Roman, Biany Huerta Ramirez, Dr. Kimberly Collins, Dr. Montgomary Van Wart

Second Row: Dr. Anthony Silard, Dr. Sharon Pierce, Toni Ditty

Bottom Row: Marisol Botello, Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Dr. Pamela Medina 

Missing Dr. Marc Fudge, Dr. Thomas McWeeney


Contact and other information on faculty and staff can be found on our Faculty & Staff page.  Click on Professor's names to see Curriculum Vitae and other information